Mention the state of Arizona, and the first images that usually pop into mind are rattlesnakes, scorpions, venomous lizards, tumbleweeds, bleached cow skulls lying in the baking Sun, and abandoned ghost towns.

Yes, Arizona has all of those things, and while they contribute to the character of the State, it’s the Arizona landscapes and the cultures that thrive in those landscapes which make the Grand Canyon State not only a great place to live, but also a great place to photograph.

Arizona has desert, and quite a lot of it, but surprisingly it also has a lot of water, from small creeks to mighty rivers that can carve out canyons a mile deep.

Arizona is not just a big desert wilderness. There are also high plateaus of aspens and firs, where the Winter snows are measured in feet, not inches.

Regardless of whether you prefer the open deserts or the high country, you’ll always find amazing sunsets that are so incredible they’ll take your breath away.

For all its urbanization, Arizona is still a magnificent untamed land, full of wild and wondrous places that beckon to the landscape and travel photographer.