Hawaii is a floral paradise. Be it out in the wild, down in a city park, or in one of the dozens of botanical gardens, you’ll encounter hundreds of beautiful blooms during any stay on these lovely islands.

The biggest challenge for capturing wonderful floral images on the islands is light, due to the lack or abundance thereof.

Many of the colorful blooms grow in a thick tropical ecosystem. You’ll need flash and/or a tripod to achieve an exposure that precludes signs of shutter vibration. Botanical gardens do not like it when visitors stray off the path to snap photos of flowers, or damage their specimens with tripods or shoes.

Of course, there are also blooms to be captured out in the open, which has it’s own unique challenges; wind and harsh light being two of the main concerns. Not everyone can afford an assistant, so try to carry small portable light reflectors that can act as wind screens and diffuse the light.

Above all, remember that all these plants are delicate. Be respectful of their existence, and of the habitat that sustains them.