Lori and I took a road trip in 2014 which included circumnavigating the entire Olympic Peninsula in the state of Washington, which to me, is undoubtedly the most scenic part of the state, with lots of quaint little towns dotting the Eastern and Northern coasts, and the beautiful isolated beaches on its Western coastline.

We stopped to admire Crescent Lake, which isn’t really on the coast, but along the route that traverses the Northern portion of the Peninsula, and at Ruby Beach and Beach 4, along the West coastline which we spent a good amount of time at, but had to eventually leave all too soon because we weren’t equipped to do any camping and civilization was very far away.

Ruby Beach is all it’s hyped to be, and a great place for photography. If you can manage it, stay for the sunsets, they should be amazing. Also, be careful walking along the beach, especially where the massive logs have been washed up and deposited. When trying to traverse one of these spots, a sneaker wave came up on us. We were OK afterwards, but quite shaken at the thought of what could have been.