An outside view of the historic Hughes House near Port Orford in Curry County, Oregon. The restored house is open for public tours. If you're going out to Cape Blanco to see the lighthouse, be sure to stop at the Hughes House too!

An Irish immigrant, Patrick Hughes married Jane O’Neil, and after some travelling about, they settled here, for the locale reminded Patrick of his home in Ireland, and started a successful dairy and cattle operation. After 40 years of hard work, they saved up enough money to build this beautiful two-story, 3,000 square foot, 11-bedroom Victorian Queen Anne-style home in 1898.

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Camera: NIKON D800
Lens: 24-120 mm f/4
Focal Length: 24mm
Aperture: f18
Shutter Speed: 1/250s
ISO: 400
Date: 2018-06-02
Time: 11:50:45