Lori and I at one time were considering moving up to Montana so we could be near places like Yellowstone National Park, Glacier National Park, Washington, and Oregon. Specifically, we were looking to relocate to the small town of Ennis, which we fell in love with. We even looked at several houses there, and had a realtor keep us informed with new listings (this was pre-realtor-trulia-zillow-dot-com days).

We eventually decided not to make the move because neither one of us like cold Winters, and regardless of the assurances that Ennis was located in a valley that blocked most severe Winter weather, it was still too much snow and cold for our tastes.

There’s still a lot of “wild” in Montana, and photographically, it’s a fantastic place to make images regardless whether you’re inside or outside of a National Park or Forest, both of which it has in abundance. There are also many historical mining towns and structures, which offer excellent photographic opportunities.