Desert View Tower was built by Bert Vaughn in 1923, supposedly as as a monument to the pioneers that had forged their way Westward, but more likely as an advertisement for Vaughn's bar. It was a popular roadside attraction, conveniently situated in the cooler breezes at the top of the pass through the In-Ko-Pah Mountains of Jacumba, California, where thirsty travelers could escape the heat of the long hot desert road and enjoy the spectacular views of the surrounding valley floor.

Sadly, it is now the only surviving roadside attraction from the golden age of road travel. Ben Shultz is the current owner. If you're ever up that way, drop by and say hi. For a nominal fee you can go up into the 3-story tower. Each floor has bits of Americana on display, with little surprises tucked away in corners. The kids, large and small, can explore the adjacent Boulder Park, which has lots hidden treasures squirreled away amongst the rocks.

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Camera: NIKON D800
Lens: 24-120 mm f/4
Focal Length: 24mm
Aperture: f16
Shutter Speed: 1/160s
ISO: 200
Date: 2016-04-03
Time: 11:34:06