Kellog Beach is just North of Crescent City, accessible from the parking lot at Point St George, which is the 3rd most Western point in the continental United States. This is a long, sandy beach that continues North for miles. I didn't see a single person during my hike two miles out and then two miles back.

There is ample parking available to access the beach and miles and miles of coastal trails at Point St George itself, which is part of the Point St. George Heritage Area.

The buildings here are the accommodations where the St. George Lighthouse keepers resided when ashore between 1891 and 1975. The lighthouse itself, the largest on the West coast of the United States for over a century, lies 6 miles offshore and is presently decommissioned, though work is under way for its restoration.

Tolowa Dunes State Park also borders the Northern portion of the parking lot, with superb hiking trails leading into the park.

The bluffs at Point St. George Heritage Area provide fantastic panoramic views to the North, the South, and out into the Pacific. A network of trails leads down to tide pools in the basalt bedrock below the bluffs during low tide.

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