A panoramic view of the Battery Point Lighthouse, sitting atop a hill at Crescent City in Northern California.

Battery Point Lighthouse, originally named the Crescent City Lighthouse Station, was built in 1856. It was the 10th lighthouse constructed on the West coast and is one of sixteen Cape Cod style lighthouses that were built during the 1800's.

Theophilis Magruder was the station's first keeper; Wayne Piland was its last before automation in 1953.

The beacon continued automated operations under the U.S. Coast Guard and was decommissioned on August 11, 1965. It was reactivated as a private navigation aid in December of 1982 and is now charted and therefore must remain active every night.

The building has a museum, and a good portion of it is the private residence of the lighthouse keeper. Therefore, be respectful and don't go peeking into windows or knocking on doors that are clearly marked as private.

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