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Welcome to Al Andersen Photography LLC, provider of landscape, nature, travel, and wildlife imagery from the amazing American West and beautiful Hawaiian Islands.

I've been making landscape, nature, travel, and wildlife images here in Southeastern Arizona for over 40 years. My passion is traveling about the Western United States, experiencing and photographing scenic destinations such as Zion, Yellowstone, the Pacific Northwest, and other well-known Western icons. I also love capturing the exotic flora and landscapes of the beautiful Hawaiian Islands.

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3.Judy Robbins(non-registered)
Al - I just read the interview you gave on Sonoran Arts Network and looked at your photos. They are truly beautiful. There is a gentleness about them; you have singled out the essence of a particular place and you look at that as I would look at it, with great appreciation for the quiet statement it makes. Thanks for letting us see your work.
Wonderful photos, thank you for sharing!
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