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Lil Boquillas Ranch Slowly Disappearing

Entire buildings and structures are disappearing from the Lil Boquillas Ranch near Fairbank, Arizona. I recommend you visit this historical treasure soon, for at this rate it will probably be gone within the next decade.

Ranch House At Camp Rucker

One of the fascinating structures at Camp Rucker, located in Rucker Canyon outside of Douglas Arizona, is the large sprawling structure that was obviously the main building on the site. There are no interpretive signs explaining the origins of the structure, its purpose, nor whether it was an original part of this historical military outpost..

Where Dreams Die

Up on a bleak hillside outside of Fairbank, one of our local “ghost” towns, lies an old cemetery consisting mostly of rock piles and makeshift wooden crosses with several stone tombstones scattered here and there.

Do You Need A DSLR To Make Good Images?

Photography is expensive. Photography has always been expensive. Prior to digital images the costs for buying and processing film were prohibitive for many an aspiring photographer. Digital photography was supposed to change all that — incur a one-time cost for hardware and you’d be all set for a long time! Unfortunately, it hasn’t turned out […]